Photographer | Brand Strategist at Wunderman Thompson 
Daan Balthazar van Apeldoorn is a photographer based in Amsterdam. His work is inspired by raw subjects, random encounters and (outdoor) travel subjects. He uses photography as a means to inspire others to get out there and experience the beauty. ‘Ugly’ things can be pretty cool. I call this ‘pretty raw’.
Available for assignments (Photography / Creative Direction). Prints available in all sizes. Deliverable within 10 days depending on shipping address.
| Born in 1991 | Grew up in Haarlem (the Netherlands) | Lived in Paris, Montpellier and the Democratic Republic of Congo | Basisopleiding Fotografie Fotovakschool Amsterdam | Marketing & IR from the London School of Economics and Political Science | LLM in European Law from Utrecht University 
Stichting Physci: Promoting physiotherapy for handicapped children in rural Bangladesh. Photos upon request.
Past adventures include: Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Marocco, The Philippines, Australia, Tasmania, India, Bangladesh, US, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua,  Bolivia, Peru and most of the EU.